Lasting poinsettias fulfill the dream of any gardeners. However when we bring them indoors we can expect them to live about two years and maybe even longer In cold climates we cannot keep them outdoors. Poinsettias thrive in warm weather and the cold will kill them. In Hawaii, poinsettias grow wild on the hillsides When they turn red Hawaiians know that winter is coming While we dream of a white Christmas, Hawaiians dream of rows of red poinsettias to ring in the holidays and the New Year.

Poinsettias which are native to Mexico and Guatemala were brought to America by Joel Roberts Poinsett in the 1820s. Today these red flowers are symbols of Christmas in the US as they adorn any homes offices and places of worship. Poinsettias also used as Christmas decorations and are often seen on Christmas cards as well as in any other holiday adornments

These red lively flowers also have religious significance. In the 17th century Franciscan friars in Mexico used these blooms in their Christmas celebrations. For many Christians poinsettias also have spiritual meaning. The star shaped leaf pattern of poinsettias is symbolic of the Star of Bethlehem. The red color of the poinsettia represents the blood sacrifice of Jesus crucifixion.

In addition to having religious meaning, poinsettias also have cultural significance. In Mexico and Guatemala poinsettias are called “flor de Nochebuena” (Christmas Eve flower) In Chile and Peru poinsettias are called “Crown of the Andes.” In Spain, poinsettias are known as “Flor de Pascua.” (Easter flower)

Poinsettias are very special to because they add that special touch of nature to every Christmas celebration. In my estimation, fancy decorations cannot beat the beauty of a poinsettia since it was created by Mother Nature. Since poinsettias are my favorite decorations, I decided to create lasting poinsettias in a vase. For this project you will need gold tinsel stems, red tinsel stems, green tinsel stems, silver tinsel stems and scissors. The hardest step of the project is creating the vase. You will use your gold chenille stems to make the vase. First make a circle and fill it with chenille stems. Then you will add chenille stems to the circle to make the center of the vase. Fill in the middle of the vase with the chenille stems. Then you add the chenille stems in the circle to make the center of the vase. Fill in the middle of thev ase with chenille stems. You must make sure that your vase is sturdy and strong enough to stand. You may have to use more chenille stems to fortify your vase.

When you finish making the vase, you are now ready to make lasting poinsettias. You will need the red green and gold chenille stems. Use the green chenille stems to make the stems of your flowers. Take the green chenille stems and wrap the around to make a long stem. Then you make a little circle to attach the petals of the flower. Create five petals for each flower. As you add each petal to the flower, fill each petal with red chenille stems. Make sure you do this neatly so your flowers will look good. After you finish making the flower, use the silver chenille stem and coil it in circle to place in the middle of the poinsettia. You will follow this process for the remaining four poinsettia flowers

The final step of this project is optional. You can choose to add a decoration to the top of the vase to give it more dimension. Take a gold chenille stem and coil it around the top of the vase to form neat loops. Your vase will look much better with this adornment.

Your poinsettias in a vase, made from chenille stems, will certainly brighten your holidays. Your friends and family will certainly be impressed with your creation. They may even decide to make one themselves. The best part about these blooms is that they are lasting poinsettias