It would be great if you found a pot a of gold at the end of the rainbow? As most of us already know, finding a pot at the end of the rainbow is simply an Irish myth that is especially popular during St. Patrick’s Day. The good news is that we can make our own pot that may help bring us the luck of the Irish. For this project, you will need scissors, black tinsel chenille stems and gold tinsel chenille stems. The black tinsel chenille stems are on sale on eBay for $4.10. The gold tinsel chenille stems are sold on eBay for $1.93

The first step is to take the black tinsel chenille stems and make two circles. Connect the two circles and fill them in with the black chenille stems. Remember to use the scissors and cut out the pieces to connect the two circles neatly together. Add enough chenille stems to make your pot sturdy. Leave the middle of the pot open, so you can add the gold coins.

After you finish creating the pot, use the gold chenille stems to create small circles for the gold coins. I added seven gold coins to my pot, but you are free to add more or less. Fill each gold coin in neatly. Now you can connect the gold coins to the pot.

Add each gold coin as you would add flowers to a vase. After you add the coins, add more tinsel black stems to the bottom of the pot to cover the gold tinsel stems that you attached. The final step is to add the handle to the pot. Since the pot does not need a handle, the final step is optional. May this pot bring you good luck. Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!