Crafts heal us during this coronavirus pandemic that is now a worldwide crisis. As we face quarantines, one of the ways that we can relax is working on crafts. During this difficult time, crafts heal us and keep us engaged helping us to forget the bad news at least for a while. Staying at home for an extended period of time, with the entire family, is not easy. Working on crafts will defintely keep the children entertained and help us spend quality time with the family.

March is National Craft Month, and now is the perefect time to make crafts. Crafts heal adults as well as children. A craft project will keep a child smiling and busy at home, especially now that we are in quarantine. Since many children miss their school, their friends, their teachers and their daily activities, crafts heal them and help them adjust to a new routine at home.

One craft that you will enjoy doing with your kids is a ladybug made of chenille stems. We all know how much kids love ladybugs? For this project, you will need sccissors, glue, red chenille stems and black tinsel chenille stems. You can purchase chenille stems, from the comfort of your own home, on eBay and Amazon at affordable prices.

The first step is to create a red circle for the ladybug’s body. Fill in the circle, with red red chenille stems and make a curve at the top to give it dimension. Make sure it looks neat.

After you finish making the body, now you will make the ladybug’s head. Make a small circle for the head with the black chenille stems. Attach the head to the body using the black chenille stems.

Now you are ready to put the dots on the ladybug’s body. I made three dots on the ladybug’s body, but you can make as many as you like. Use the black chenille stems to make black circles to put on the body put on the body. Glue them one the ladybug’s body. Once the dots are dried, twist and turn the two black chenille stems to make antennaes to the ladybug.

The final step is to glue the goggly eyes to the ladybug’s face to give it character. The goggly eyes will make your ladybug look like a country deccoration. Now you have a ladybug that you can even turn into a fun lessson about ladybugs for your kids.