If aliens do exist, have you ever wondered how we would contact them?  According to MIT scientists, contacting aliens is closer than we ever imagined.  They are in the process of creating a laser beacon that can transmit beams to several places where they may be alien civilizations.  MIT scientists published an article in The Astrophysical Journal about this amazing laser that may actually lead to contact with aliens.

This innovative laser is similar to the beams, from a lighthouse that flash to warn ships of danger.  Instead of flashing for miles, they will gleam as far as 20,000 light years.  These lights will also be much stronger than those coming from a beacon.  The lasers will have an infrared spectrum and will be created using existing as well as with future technologies.  The infrared radiation, coming from the laser beacon, will be strong enough for extraterrestrials to tell it apart from the sun.

Once this laser beacon becomes viable, do you think that contacting aliens is a good idea?  The aliens may be friendly.  Since they will very likely be a more intelligent species than humans, perhaps they will be able to help us solve problems such as global warming.  They may be able to give us natural resources that will replace fossil fuels.  While our planet can run out of raw materials, perhaps their planet will have natural resources that are everlasting.  Maybe they will even invite some of us to travel in their spacecraft and live on their planet.  If humans are able to inhabit another planet, extraterrestrials may help us solve our problem of overpopulation.

On the other hand, contacting aliens may be dangerous.  The extraterrestrials may not be amiable.  Once they see the light coming from the laser beacon, they may interpret it as a sign of war.  Our actions may even begin the first planetary war in history.  With their advanced technology, the aliens could even destroy the Earth.  If there are aliens somewhere in our universe, maybe they do not want any human intrusion.

Even if we contacted affable aliens, it would not be easy to understand their language.  They would probably communicate in a cryptic language similar to the film, Arrival.  In this science fiction thriller, Amy Adams, who brilliantly plays the role of Dr. Louise Banks, uses her skills as a linguist to find out why the aliens came to Earth.

Even though the development of the laser beacon, for contacting aliens, is now a possibility, it will take MIT scientists years to produce it.  Meanwhile, we will have to wait patiently for E.T. to phone home.