In the woods of northwestern and west-central New Jersey, you can actually see black bears roaming freely.  When you see a black bear in the distance, in the backdrop of the trees, you can understand why Native Americans see them as magical creatures.  They usually live in harmony with their human neighbors.  But this week their tranquil life ends because of the bear hunt.  In addition to using rifles, hunters will use bows and arrows to kill the black bears just like in the 2016 bear hunt.  These creatures will die in agony and suffer needlessly.  Research shows that black bears avoid humans and seldom attack them.

Most residents, who live near the black bears, love them.  Since bears have come too close to their properties, others have complained about the black bears.  The group, Save NJ Bears, wants the bear hunt to stop because they believe it is inhumane and does not solve the problems that bears cause.  Animal advocates, from Save NJ Bears, want residents to stop feeding the bears.  They also advise people to get bear resistant cans, so that black bears will not go searching for food on their properties.  According to news reports, younger voters and women disagree with the New Jersey bear hunt.  While more men and older voters support the New Jersey bear hunt.

The mission of the members of Save NJ Bears lasts all year, not just during the bear hunt.  They have many programs to educate the public about black bears and dispel the myths that people have about these wild animals.  One of the main goals of Save NJ bears is to show the public that humans and bears can live peacefully together.

During every bear hunt, the members of Save NJ Bears, as well as other animal lovers, protest against the bear hunt.  They have found support from Senator Raymond Lesniak who opposes the bear hunt.  Since he devotes much of his politics to saving animals, he works hard in the senate to fight against animal abuse.  Those who are against the bear hunt are also endorsing Phil Murphy, the Democratic candidate who is running for the position of New Jersey governor.  If Murphy gets elected, he promised that he will end the bear hunt.

After the 2016 bear hunt, Pedals was never seen again.  Since Pedals walked on two hind legs, he gained the attention of the media.  Many people thought that Pedals was a man dressed in a bear costume.  Due to the news coverage, Pedals became a celebrity both on local as well as on a national level.  When Pedals was gone, the citizens of bear county, as well as bear lovers across our nation, mourned.

Not only are the members of the Save NJ Bears and citizens of bear county opposed to the bear hunt, bear lovers across our nation think that the New Jersey bear hunt should end.  A petition on garnered many signatures to stop the bear hunt, yet the hunt still continues in New Jersey.  Even the Sierra Club is against the New Jersey bear hunt.

Black bears should be conserved because they are helpful to the environment.  In addition to other foods, the diet of bears mainly consists of insects, bees, yellow jacket and ants as well as their larvae.  They also love to eat honey.  Many insects are harmful to trees, so black bears protect trees.  By keeping pests away from the trees, they help the forest flourish.

According to Native American lore, black bears are very smart creatures.  Research about black bears has proven that the Native Americans are right.  With their excellent eyesight, they can learn to discern visual colors more expediently than chimpanzees.  They also know the differences of little shapes like triangles, circles and squared.  Since they have remarkable memories, they have return to their habitat without markers.

Because they have so many natural abilities, black bears are fascinating creatures.  They use both vocal and nonvocal sounds to interact with each other.  Their sensory faculty is so sharp that it is seven times stronger than a dogs.  Black bears are excellent swimmers.  Not only do they swim to catch fish, they also swim for enjoyment.

Due to their amazing strength, black bears are amazing creatures.  They can flip over a rock weighing 310 to 325 pounds using a single foreleg.  They are also so deft that they can open screw-top jars and turn door latches.

As extraordinary as black bears are, hundreds of them may be be killed during the bear hunt.  If you think that black bears are being killed just due to complaints, then think again?  There are several businesses profiting from the bear hunt such as taxidermy and the creation of trophies.  Many slaughtered bears also end up as rugs.

The bear hunt is adversely affecting the economy of northwestern New Jersey.  Tourists vacation in the New Jersey forests to relax, go camping, go sightseeing and to see the black bears.  If the New Jersey black bears become extinct, then who will visit the forests?