The Chinese New Year begins on February 12th and lasts until January 31st 2022. Can you guess the zodiac of the Chinese New Year? If you said the Year of the Ox, then you are correct. With all the challenges of the Year of the Rat, many people are jubilant that a new year will begin and hopefully it will be a better year for all of us. One favorable prediction for the Year of the Ox is that no calamitous events are expected to occur.

Taking place before Valentine’s Day, the Chinese New Year certainly has a good astrological forecast for those concerned with matters of the heart. If you are looking for your perfect match, the Year of the Ox will favor you. Those who are single may find their soulmate. Are you planning to get married in 2021? The Year of the Ox will certainly be a very auspicious time to the the knot. According to Chinese astrology, marriages during the Year of the Ox do last.

The ox is the second of the 12 zodiac signs of the Chinese horoscope. One of the many strong personality traits of oxes is that they are are hard working and organized. Due to their systematic nature, oxes can have successful careers as doctors, businessmen, lawyers and teachers.

Even though the ox has a hard work ethic, those born under the ox sign will face many difficulties this year. When your zodiac sign is represented in the new year, then you are not expected to be lucky. These unfortunate events, that take place when your sign falls on the new year are called, “Ben Ming Nian, which means your birth sign is in conflict with Tai Sai.

The Year of the Ox will affect all the other 11 signs differently. While 2021 is not expected to be auspicious for those born under the ox sign, the rat, snake, horse, monkey and pig are expected to have a wonderful year.

Since those born under the ox sign are strong and resilient, hopefully they will be able to overcome all the obstacles that they are going to face in 2021. Barack Obama, Walt Disney, Margaret Thatcher, Vincent Van Gogh and Lady Diana are some examples of exceptional people born under the ox sign.

The Year of the Ox begins this Friday, so get ready to celebrate. Wear outfits that are white, yellow or green, for those are the lucky colors of the Ox sign that may bring you luck as well. No matter what obstacles we may face this year, having a hard work ethic, like those born under the ox sign, will certainly help turn your dreams into reality.