A chenille blossom will be in full bloom the entire year unlike a real cherry blossom.  Adding a touch of spring to your home, a chenille blossom makes the perfect decoration for a nature lover.  In order to create a chenille blossom, you will need a pack of chenille stems, in spring colors, to create clusters of blooms.  Your blossom can be white, pink or yellow, and you can choose your favorite hue.  You will also need tinsel chenille stems, craft glue, green chenille stems, a craft stick and a styrofoam base.

The first step of this project is to use the tinsel chenille stems to create the base, trunk and branches of the cherry blossom.  You can use silver, gold or black tinsel chenille stems to make your blossom sparkle. Use the tinsel chenille stems to create the trunk of your blossom.  You will have to twist and turn several chenille stems to make the trunk.  

After you finish making the trunk, make the branches from the chenille stems.  Make sure that the branches are distributed evenly throughout the trunk.  You can even use a photo of a cherry blossom to serve as your model or draw a cherry blossom.  When you finish adding the branches, make a small square base using the chenille stems.

The second step of this project is to add the blooms to the branches of the cherry blossom.  This part of the project will be so much fun and also time consuming.  You must have plenty of patience and do not expect to be finished in one day.  It took me four days to add all the blooms on my chenille blossom.

You will need to use one chenille stems to create a single bloom, and the blooms that you add will depend on the length of the branches.  You will make a small flower with five petals.  If you have seen cherry blossoms before, then you know  exactly how the small flower looks.  It has two petals on the top and three petals on the bottom.

Take a single chenille stem and turn it to make a small flower.  The remaining chenille stems, from the flower, will be used to attach it to each branch.  You will repeat this process many times until all the branches are filled with blooms.  As I mentioned before, you must have plenty of patience since it will take you several days to fill your tree with blossoms.

After your tree is filled with blooms, you are now ready for the fourth step of this project.  Take the craft stick and use the craft glue to glue the craft stick to the Styrofoam base.  After it dries up, attach  the trunk of the chenille blossom to the craft stick using several tinsel chenille srems.  Make sure the chenille stems match the exact color of the trunk.  Glue the chenille base of the blossom  to the styrofoam base using the craft glue.  Wait several hours till it dries up completely.

The final step of this project is to cover the styrofoam base with green chenille stems.  You will use green chenille stems for the base, so that it looks just like the grass in the park.  Attach the chenille stems, in a circular motion, to fill the entire base of styrofoam.

All your time, effort, patience and hard work has certainly paid off, for now you have created a chenille tree.  You will certainly surprise your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors with your creation.  Your chenille tree will have you the happiness of spring for many years to come.

If you are looking for inspiration to create your chenille blossom, all you have to do is go outside and see the cherry blossoms in the park and around your neighborhood.

All of my trips to Branch Brook Park inspired me to make a yellow blossom.  Ironically, there are no yellow blossoms at Branch Brook Park.  I saw a photo of a yellow blossom, that the Japanese call a Ukon blossom, and I thought that it was the most beautiful cherry blossom that I had ever seen.  After all, yellow is my favorite color of nature.  The yellow rays of sunlight always give me joy and hope.  Yellow is also the color of the sand along the shores, so yellow has a summery ambiance in my estimation.

Cherry blossoms are native to Japan, and there are more than 100 types of blossoms.  Some cherry blossoms have five petals, and other varieties even have more petals.  Yaezakura is the Japanese term for blossoms that have more than five petals.

At Branch Brook Park, one of the most popular blossoms are the Weeping Cherry Trees.  The Japanese term for Weeping Cherry Trees is Shidarezakura.  Weeping Cherry Trees, especially the white ones, resemble a bride’s veil or the lace dress of Mother Nature.

If you love cherry blossoms, the best place to visit is Branch Brook Park since it has the largest collection of cherry blossoms in the United States.  Since the park is so vast, there is certainly more room for blossoms such as the Ukon, the Kikuzakura and the Jugatsuzakura.  blossoms is the perfect time to add more trees to Branch Brook Park, especially cherry blossoms that people love so much.

As you create your chenille blossom, remember to cherish all the gifts of Mother Nature.  Not only do cherry blossoms add beauty to the landscapes, planting blossoms will help fight global warming and purify the air we breathe.  Future generations should be able to enjoy a wide variety of breathtaking cherry blossoms, so let’s plant more and more.