Changing roles is natural now, for broadcasters, due to the coronavirus. The quarantine does not allow them to televise in the studio, so now fans are watching them from their homes. Sometimes, even their young kids interrupt them during the show. Now fans can relate more to their favorite television celebrities because nothing is as rehearsed or as perfect as it was before. We are seeing a more intimate view of their lives as they engage in multitasking between their professional and personal life. The nitty-gritty is that we are seeing how they actually are outside of the camera limelight.

Changing roles is now a characteristic inherent in each television journalist, but Robin Roberts was always ahead of all the rest in this matter because she has always been changing roles. She has faced many challenges in her own life that she has overcome. In 2007, Roberts had breast cancer and beat the disease. showed her courage once again when she was diagnosed with myelodysplasticc syndrome (MDS), a very serious bone marrow disease. The majority would have kept their diagnosis to themselves, but Roberts decided to document her treatment on television to give hope to so many others who suffer from serious illnesses.

Viewers were able to see Roberts at her most vulnerable point. She became bold, as a result of her radiation treatment, and her beautiful black locks vanished. Yet she had more beauty than ever before, for she was showing her viewers her strength and her faith in God. She always praised her doctors, collleagues, family, friends and fans for supporting her. She won a Peabody Award, in 2012, for the coverage about her MDS.

Now with the bible in her heart, she is giving hope to so many who suffer from the coronavirus. Now she is like a television preacher, who quotes passages from the bible, giving hope to all who suffer from the coronavirus. Her cute rescue dog, Lucas, joins her in her broadcast. It is a rarity to see a journalist quoting bible passages on a television news show, and this shows the real miracles that Roberts is able to create. She is comforting all of this, during this difficult time, and driving our fears away.

Always having a courgeous nature, Roberts started her career as a sports anchor for local tv and radio stations on ESPN where she worked for 15 years from 1990 to 2005. She joined George Stephanpoulos as a co-anchor for Good Morning America in 2005.

As a journalist, she is never afraid to ask the tough questions that other journalists rarely ask. One of her many contorversial interviews, that drew a big audience, was her interview with singer Chris Brown.

Maybe it was the combination of strong family values, work ethic and the discipline of being a top basketball player for Southeastern Loiusiana University that helped her become a top journalist. Coming from a tight knit family, Roberts is the youungest of four siblings. Sally-Ann Roberts, Robert’s oldest sister, is also a television journalist.

Today Roberts continues changing roles and is an example of a true journalist, which is a rarity in television today. She is never afraid to speak her mind or the truth.