‘Hunted’: Survivor based competition for fugitives

CBS introduced a new survivor-style reality competition called Hunted. ‘Hunted’ features 18 individuals against an army of fugitive hunters who have real-world experience and backgrounds in the FBI, CIA, NSA, U.S. Marshals and several other agencies.


The hunters attempt to capture the contestants inside a 100,000-square-mile zone that encompasses Georgia, South Carolina, northern Florida and eastern Alabama. Hunted premiered on Sunday and will move to Wednesdays at 8 p.m. The hunters employ a handful of high-tech crime-busting technology in their attempts of capturing all 18 contestants.

Hunted plays off the idea that it’s impossible to move around the country without leaving an electronic data trail – Facebook posts that identify your location, security camera footage, ATM machines that signal hunters every time you withdraw money.

The eighteen fugitives must elude the hunters for 28 days in order to claim a prize of $250,000. The first ‘fugitive’ is David Windecher who prides himself on having experience of being on the run, and being arrested 13 times.  He is now a criminal defense attorney. His partner on the run is Emiley Cox, who he is dating for two years and is the daughter of a local pastor. The second team to go on the run is Angela and Michele but struggle from the start.

Angela arrives at her meeting point and is nervous as Michele is late. Michele finally arrives with her sister a trucker, who is driving them away. Unfortunately, the fugitive hunters find out that Michele’s husband owns a trucking company. They spend the night at a campground for the night.

The last team introduced is Matt and Cristina. They are an engaged couple, Matt is 6’8’’ so that will force him to stand out, and Christina is a model, making the pair have a hard time trying to hide. Matt and Cristina are engaged but are a nervous wreck as they take to the open road.

The fugitive task force searched Emily’s apartment, while she and David are hiding out in a friend’s apartment and are unaware of a fugitive hunter staking out the neighborhood.

After spending several hours trying to reach friends and family, Matt and Christina are forced to ditch their car in Augusta, Georgia.  Christina and Matt buy bus tickets but alert the hunters after taking money from an ATM. The task force is now waiting in Atlanta for Matt and Christina to arrive.

David Emiley discover the fugitive hunter team outside their friend’s house and decide to have their friend drive them out of there. David and Emiley hide in the trunk and head out. CBS closes out the first episode leaving us to wonder whether David and Emiley will be captured or if  Matt & Christina will sneak out of the bus terminal without detection.

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