Many landlords will not allow you to have pets in an apartment.  While some small flats are not suitable for dogs, they are ideal for cats.  Felines like small places, and they love looking out of windows.  During the day, they spend some time sleeping.  As nocturnal creatures, at night they will be more active.  They will also do a great service for tenants and landlords, kill all those rats.  Rats and mice stay away from places where there are cats and do not come back.

New York City, the cultural oasis of the world, is famous for its skyscrapers, businesses, museums, parks and the arts – – just to name a few examples.  Unfortunately, it has also made the news headlines because of its rat problem.  The rodents are scattered throughout the city.  Not only are they unpleasant, they are also dangerous to humans.  They carry pathogens that cause diarrhea, vomiting and fever in humans.  Children are much more susceptible to getting all the symptoms from the pathogens.  Humans that have contact with rats can get the bacteria from the rodents’ hair, saliva, urine or feces.  If a rat bites you, it can be fatal, so you must get immediate medical attention.

The numbers of rats in New York City is alarming.  According to a 2014 study, there are 2 million rats in New York.  Those who have rodent complaints should call 311.  The New York Department of Health deals problems of rat infestation in New York City.

Many New Yorkers have seen rats when they ride the subways to work and back home.  These rodents reside in many dwellings, even the pricier digs.  Sometimes the rat problem gets so bad that the apartment must be fumigated.  Even after fumigation, rats may come back.  The natural way to get rid of rats permanently is to have a cat in an apartment.

Cats are very intelligent and mysterious animals.  In Ancient Egypt, cats were sacred and even laid to rest in the tombs of pharaohs, princesses and other prominent Egyptians.  Ancient Egyptians also had many statues honoring cats, their beloved pets.

Even though Egyptians no longer consider cats sacred today, they still carry that touch of royalty.  It can be seen in their sly walk and glowing eyes.  When you least expect it, your cat will come to you, for they have the mysterious nature of the Far East in their blood.

In addition to being astute animals, cats are also very clean.  As an owner, you must provide a litter for your feline and keep it clean.  Cats will always use the litter and never make your dwelling messy.  Unlike dogs that often bark, cats are always quiet.  When you keep a cat in your apartment, you will not get noise complaints from your landlords or tenants.

When you take care of a cat, it takes care of you.  Cats are affectionate and love to be stroked, and their strong purrs will make you feel relaxed.  In order to save a life, you should consider adopting a cat from a shelter.  They always have a wide variety of cats waiting for a place to call home.  They are great pets for kids and also ideal for the elderly.  Unlike dogs, you do not have to take cats out for walks.  Keeping a cat as a pet is much less demanding than keeping a dog.

All of my life, I have had cats and still do.  Always having a calm nature, my felines have taught me to relax and enjoy life. Since my cats have always given me unconditional love, they have a sentimental value.  They are also very practical pets since they chase the rats and mice away.  In my home, I have never had a rat or mouse problem thanks to my cats.