Brad’s fans are expressing their support for Pitt on social media.  They are jubilant that Brad now has joint custody and will be able to see his children on a regular basis.  In a contentious custody case, that has lasted five years, Brad can finally be a dad to his kids, not just a father.

After hearing many viable testimonies from expert witnesses, Judge John Ouderkirk, the same judge who married Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, granted Brad joint custody of his children.  But the drama is far from over since Jolie is  fighting the ruling.

There is no doubt that Brad’s fans will continue to support him in future cases, for they believe that he deserves joint custody of his children.  In their estimation, this court ruling was long overdue.

Brad is not a deadbeat, for he pays more than $1.3 million in child support according to his lawyers.  Child support is much more than just financial support, and Brad certainly knows this very well.  As a responsible parent, now Brad will be able to give his kids all the time that they deserve.

Brad’s fans know how much he loves his kids, for he dedicated his 2020 Oscar speech to them.  He said that his kids color his life.  Since Brad will be able to spend more time with them now, the Pitt clan will color his life even more like a rainbow.

Despite his busy schedule, Brad will be there for his kids and making time for them shows that is committed to his kids welfare.  As fans, we are certainly very proud of Brad for stepping up to his responsibilities.  He has a full workload.  Some of the latest releases that Brad will star in are Bullet Train and Babylon (2022).

Not only is Brad a winner in his custody case, his kids are winners as well.  According to research, kids need a daddy in their lives to grow up happy and well adjusted.  Children who grow up with a dad, who is actively involved in their lives, are more balanced, do better in school and have less mental health problems among many other benefits.  While mom is proud of us for winning the second prize, a dad pushes his kids to win the first prize  thus teaching his children to be much more competitive.

Already we can see how Brad is teaching his children about inclusion and cultural awareness.  In 2012, Brad won Best Picture Oscar for producing 12 Years a Slave.  Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment is dedicated to inclusion in the world of Hollywood movies, which some believe lacks inclusion.  
Minari, a film in which You Yuh-jung won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, was produced by Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment.  Minari, a profound film about family ties, resilience and Asian culture, was nominated for six Oscars including Best Picture.

As Brad makes up for lost time with his kids, he will teach them other lessons as they bond together as a family.  Brad will definitely have a very special Father’s Day this year.  Hopefully, Brad’s custody win will inspire other fathers to be actively involved in the lives of their children at all costs.