Brad’s birthday will take place on December 18th, and the famous actor will turn 57. Obviously, he looks much younger and has aged like fine wine. As fans, he has given us many reasons to celebrate his birthday by watching all his great movies. Every Brad fan has their favorite movie, for Brad is such a versatile actor that has conquered every genre from comedy, drama, action, mystery and horror — just to name a few examples. Even in his early film, Thelma & Louise, he showed that he was simply born to act.

What is your favorite Brad film? My favorite Brad film is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. In addition to Brad’s fine acting and a wonderful cast, this flick predicted the downfall of a Hollywood movie-going era in real life. Now with the COVID-19 pandemic, big audiences are no longer watching films in the theater. As a result of a low turn out, many movie theaters worldwide are financially struggling. Despite the bad news, the good news that moviegoers are now watching the newest films on Netflix and Amazon Prime as well as other streaming services.

I do miss going to the cinema, but safety is my priority now. I watch the newest movies at home. Do most of you watch movies at home as well? Back in 2019, we had no fears attending movie theaters. Since there was no pandemic, movie-going was a relaxing experience.

Brad’s birthday makes me reminisce about all the good times that I had at the cinema. In the Summer of 2019, I remember seeing Once Upon a Time in Hollywood at the AMC theater There were long lines at the movie theater. Since the movie was great, it was certainly worth the wait.

The ladies cheered when they saw Brad Pitt portraying the role of Cliff Booth in the flick, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. There was always a thunderous applause, especially when Cliff Booth was fixing the roof of the house!

Even before winning the Oscar for his portrayal of Cliff Booth, Pitt already had a standing ovation. Along with the audience, I found myself laughing hard and applauding too. Since I was having so much fun, time flew by. I I did not even realize that this movie ran for 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood grossed $374.3 million worldwide. Kudos to Quentin Taratino for creating Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a complex and entertaining movie. Every time you see this film you interpret it differently.

Brad’s birthday is even more special to us, as fans this year, because he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, portraying Cliff Booth, in the flick, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. In addition to being a fine actor, Brad also gives back to the community. In 2006, Brad founded Make It Right Foundation, which built homes for Hurricane Katrina victims. Recently, he made news headlines for driving a truck to deliver food to the needy residents of Los Angeles.

As an actor in demand, Brad is currently working on the movie, Bullet Train. Unfortunately, there was a COVID scare and filming was temporarily halted. He will also be starring in Babylon with Emma Stone. I wonder if we will see these two Brad movies at the cinema or will they be streamed. Do you think that we will ever get back to movie-going going the way we used too or will those be the bygone days described in the flick, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?