A bird’s nest certainly captures our attention, especially if we are bird lovers.  Watching a bird make a nest shows us how patient and hard working our feathered friends really are.  Birds use many different types of materials to make their nests such as twigs, small branches, grass, leaves and moss–just to name a few examples.  Since birds use all kinds of materials, that act as insulation, a bird’s nest is strong enough to weather a storm.

Since nesting season takes place during spring and summer, these two months are certainly delightful for bird watchers.  Not only can you see nests on trees, birds can also build them under roofs of buildings or homes.  If you put a bird house in your yard, the birds will build a nest inside.  Hearing birds sing makes us relax as nature lovers and brings us happiness.

Since I love the ambiance of bird nesting season, I made a bird’s nest from tinsel chenille stems.  For this project, you will need a pack of tinsel chenille stems, foam eggs, a foam bird, glue and scissors.  This project is easy to make and enjoyable.

The first step is to make two circles using the tinsel chenille stems. You can choose any color that you like for the nest.  Connect the circles, with tinsel chenille stems, in order to create depth for the nest.  Make sure your nest is neat and stands firmly.

After you finish making the nest, add green tinsel chenille stems to put grass in the nest.  Mold and shape the green chenille stems, into tall pieces of grass, to cover the entire nest.

The final step of this project is to add decorations to the nest.  Glue the foam bird in the center of the nest and wait till it dries.  When the foam bird dries, add three eggs to the nest.  You can choose any color for the eggs.  Make sure to place the eggs neatly around the foam bird and glue them to the nest.  After the eggs dry up, you are finally ready to display your bird’s nest decoration.

After creating your bird’s nest, it is a good idea to learn some trivia about nests.  Do you know the type of bird’s nest that you created from the tinsel chenille stems?  You made a cup nest, which is the most common type of nest.  It is called a cup nest because it has a shape like a cup or a bowl.  You will see cup nests in tree lined suburban neighborhoods and in parks.

We need to protect bird nests since many bird habitats are diminishing.  Birds are good for the environment since they eat insects that are harmful to crops.  A bird is a gardener’s best friend.  Create a bird’s nest for National Creativity Day to help raise conservation awareness and save our feathered friends, which are truly one of life’s blessings