Being kind to others should be a part of our daily routine, not just on World Kindness Day.  When we are not kind to our family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and even strangers, many times we feel guilty afterwards.  Of course, the remorse causes us to regret our actions.  Life is too short to feel regret.  If we would have always been good-hearted, we would have never had to apologize in the first place.

However, even asking for forgiveness shows that we are being kind.  Living life to the fullest often means eradicating ill feelings towards others, even when they have harmed us in the past.  Holding on to those feelings of hostility only hinders our well-being and prevents us from finding true happiness.  Being kind to ourselves means releasing those negative feelings.  We should forgive others in our hearts before they actually forgive us.

Unfortunately, some people have not been kind to me, and this experience is one that most of us have had in our relationships.  Simply by chance, I have seen some of the people who were unsympathetic to me in the past.  They apologized, and I accepted their apology.  Being kind to ourselves means accepting apologies from those who have turned their backs on us.  Still even after saying that they are sorry, they may still feel remorseful for what they did.  They cannot go back to the past and make amends for their indiscretions.  Instead, they must accept the consequences of their acts.  Being kind to others opens doors in life, but those who are unkind close the doors and lock them for good.

There are many ways to show your kindness towards others.  Some may choose to give donations to charities that touch their hearts.  Others engage in volunteer work to make a difference in their communities or in the world.  No matter how we choose to be good-natured to others, we receive many benefits by showing our humanitarian nature.

Sadly, there are many people who lack compassion.  There are many hurtful and even hateful remarks on social media.  Most of us have received at least some negative comments.  Famous individuals do not always receive positive remarks.  Due to their fame, they often receive even more negative comments aimed at their personal life.  No wonder some celebrities choose not to be on social media.  Why some people would actually hurt someone who never hurt them is beyond my comprehension?

Even as we engage in our daily tasks, we can see how some people truly lack sympathy for others.  When I have been in long lines at the store, I have seen customers making complaints and rude comments to the cashier.  I have seen people being disrespectful to the elderly pushing them in line to get ahead.  There are even men who do not open the doors for ladies and choose not be gentlemen as they walk ahead of them.  During the holiday shopping season, I have seen customers fighting over bargains and select merchandise.  All these moments of chaos are simply an exercise of futility that rob people of special moments in their lives.

We will not be in this world forever; therefore; therefore, life is like a journey.  Since the journey of life is difficult, being kind to others enables us to have more friends than enemies.  We certainly need those allies, especially when the seas of life get rough.  The more you make people smile, the more delightful and meaningful your life’s journey will be.  Being unkind to others makes us carry heavy baggage and live a life full of regrets.