Beer lovers, all across America, gather together to drink beer during soirees.  Those who drink beer responsibly will find that it will help them relax.  In fact, beer is the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world.  The best-selling beer in America is Bud Light.  When beer lovers drink Bud Light, they will find that it is healthier than other beers since one can only contains 110 calories.  Bud Light is one of the many beers created by Budweiser.

All Budweiser beers are top sellers in the US market.  Carl Conrad & Co of St. Louis Missouri introduced Budweiser in 1871.  Budweiser beers are made of natural ingredients that include barley, malt, rice, water, hops and yeast.  Malt gives beer its color.  Not only does hops make beer spicy, it also gives it an aroma.  Coming in many varieties, Budweiser beers will satisfy the palate of all beer lovers.  In addition to creating great beer, Budweiser has sponsored many sporting events.  From 1998 to 2007, the official beer of NASCAR was Budweiser.

While Budweiser is America’s top choice of beer brand today, beer was always a favorite beverage, even during ancient times.  When the Great Pyramids of Giza were being constructed, workers drank beer, and it gave them nutrition and refreshment that helped give them the energy to build the pyramids.  In the city of Uruk, which is modern day Iraq today, workers paid their employers in beer 5,000 years ago. 

During 3000 BC, beer was introduced to Europe by Germanic and Celtic tribes.  However, the beer that the early Europeans drank was more nutritious that the beer that we consume today.  Acting like a nutritional supplement, early Europeans drank beer that contained fruits, honey, several varieties of plants, spices and narcotic herbs among many other substances.

In the 1870’s, the invention of the refrigerator made beer chilled.  Beer lovers enjoy cold beer all year long, especially during the summer months.  While cold beer is refreshing, beer served unchilled or cool at room temperature is more flavorful.

As beer lovers celebrate National Drink a Beer Day on September 28th, they may center a part of their conservation on their knowledge of beer. The following facts about beer will make your conversation livelier:  Anheuser Busch In Bev is the largest brewer in the world.  Globally beer is a $294.5 billion dollar business.  There is actually a term for those who study beer, its zythology.

Do gather together with friends and family members to toast National Drink a Beer Day, but remember to always drink in moderation.  If someone is drunk, never let them drive.  As the saying goes: “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.”  After all, you want your day to be enjoyable and relaxing.