A bear cup is a very popular gift for Valentine’s Day.  It is a present that has decor as well as being practical.  The small bear always makes a lovely decoration for your office desk. You use the mug to drink your morning coffee or any other warm beverage.  A bear cup is an ideal gift for anyone that is affordable as well.
Inspired by seeing all those bear cups, I decided to create my own bear cup.  Like many of you, I am spending more time at home due to COVID-19, and my creativity is certainly blossoming.
There is no doubt that making a bear cup will help keep you occupied as you spend more hours inside during the winter.  For this project, you will need chenille stems, googly eyes, craft stems, glue and scissors.
The first step is to choose the color of your cup.  Some crafters may prefer Valentine colors, such as pink and red, but you can choose your favorite color for your mug.  Make two small circles with the chenille stems and then attach them together using four pieces of neatly cut chenille stems.  
At this stage, your creation will look like a cube. Fill in the cube, with chenille stems, to make it look like a cup.  The next step is to twist chenille stems in a round shape to form the chip’s handle. Cut away any excess protruding chenille stems.  Make sure your cup stands firmly.
Now you are ready to decorate your cup.  Choose pink or red to create the heart since they are popular Valentine colors. Twist pieces of chenille stems to form a heart and fill them in.  Make sure it is neat.  Attach the small heart to the cup.
After you create the mug, you are now ready to create the bear.  You can choose any color for the craft stems since the colors do not have to be Valentine colors.  Take the craft stems and mold them to form a bear with a big head.  Twist the smaller pieces of the craft stems to make the ears.  Please be patient, for making the bear will take time.
When you finish making the bear, attach it to the bottom of the cup.  For a better look, you can cover the bottom of the cup with chenille stems, so the craft stems are not visible.
The final step is to decorate the bear inside the cup.  Use white chenille stems to create the bear’s snout.  Make a half circle, using white chenille stems, to fill in the snout.  Attach the snout to the bear’s face.  
Now you are ready to make the bear’s nose.  Take a tiny piece of a red chenille stem to form a small nose and attach it to the snout using glue.  After the snout and nose dry up, glue the googly eyes to the bear’s face.
Congratulations for now you have a handmade gift to give to loved ones on Valentine’s Day.  Since they are adorable, you will keep a bear cup for yourself as well.  The bear cup, on your office desk, will certainly be eye-catching, even after Valentine’s Day.