She was a simple lady who did not need heavy makeup or designer clothes to stand out.  As First Lady, she had the most important asset of all, a great personality.  Not at all superficial, Barbara Bush was dedicated to her family and country.  Serving our nation as First Lady from 1989 to 1993, she made the fight against illiteracy her raison d’ etre.

Barbara’s quest to make Americans literate began on a personal level.  When her son Neil was diagnosed with dyslexia, she became a champion working with literary organizations.  She even believed that one of the causes of illiteracy was homelessness.  As First Lady, she helped create the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy.  She was an honorary chair of her literacy organization.  Today her children, Jeb Bush and Dorothy Bush Kock, both are co-chairs of the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy.

Believing that the love of reading starts at a young age, Barbara believed that parents should read to their children.  Barbara’s love of reading began when she was young and continued her entire life.  As they gathered together in the evenings, she remembers reading with her family.

In order to motivate youngsters to read, she wrote two children’s books.  In 1984, she wrote the children’s book, Fred’s Story.  This book is about her families beloved cocker spaniel, C. Fred.  All the profits from this work went to literary charities.  She also wrote a book about her English Springer Spaniel Millie and her litter of puppies.

During her lifetime, Barbara had the joy of seeing her family become successful in the world of politics.  Her husband, George H. W. Bush, became the 41st President of the US.  George bush, her eldest son, became the 43rd President of the US.  Jeb Bush, her second son, became the 43rd Governor of Florida.  Barbara Bush and Abigail Adams are the only two women in US history who have the distinction of being the wife of a president and the mother of a president.

Outside of politics, being a mother and grandmother was one of her greatest fulfillment s in life.  Barbara, who married her soul mate, George H. W. Bush, had six children, 14 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

But her life was not as rosy as it seemed.  Early in her marriage, she lost her daughter, Pauline Robinson Bush (1949-1953), to leukemia.  She was just three years old when she died.  Barbara Bush passed away in her Houston home, at the age of 92, on April 17, 2018.  She was buried next to her daughter, Pauline, near the George H. W. Bush Library.  Now she is finally reunited with the daughter that she missed and loved so much.