Marketing has evolved over the past decade to include both print and digital mediums. Cutting edge marketing companies, such as Ballantine in New Jersey, are striving to expand their offerings to meet the multimedia marketing demands of clients in 2015.

This month Ballantine launched its new website as the key component of the business’ re-branding effort. Throughout the fall the 48-year-old organization re-branded their company to remain cutting edge in a constantly changing marketplace.

The new site and brand include the full array of digital and print marketing strategies. The ultimate goal is to help clients find innovative and effective ways to engage and connect with customers.

Since 1966, Ballantine has been a family owned and operated company. A third generation of marketers have joined the business to offer fresh, new ideas to help customers develop the best possible marketing campaigns.

The website offers a complete overview of the firm for clients who want to learn more about marketing solutions that involve both print and digital mediums. There are also case studies that prove Ballantine’s ability to help clients increase their marketing success.

The website actually showcases the type of marketing strategies used for clients. For example, the online portfolio brings Ballantine’s experience in the industry to life. The portfolio includes online, offline and hybrid projects. Clients can consider options such as white papers, self-mailers, email campaigns. integrated fundraising campaigns, responsive web design and on-demand print portals.

Ballantine also includes a blog at the website, a marketing strategy implemented by most thriving businesses. A blog makes it possible to stay connected with clients and reach out to new ones. For example, Ballantine’s blog covers topics of interest to the marketing community such as commentary on marketing trends and tutorials to help marketers boost their online and offline performance.

According to Director of Marketing Ryan Cote, “Most of our clients require multiple mediums to convey their message to the marketplace, and now we are better positioned than ever to help them reach the right audiences. With the launch of the new website, Ballantine can easily showcase its complete portfolio of services to potential customers.”

As of 2015, marketing efforts need to be more creative to gain attention in a competitive business arena. Businesses of all sizes have their own websites, blogs and printed materials. Must-have items include an interactive website, update blog, letterhead and business cards. All of them should include a consistent logo and colors for branding purposes.

Ballantine reflects the change in the current market by offering digital and print marketing campaigns through one firm. This is a trend that is sure to continue into 2015 as businesses recognize the need to have digital and print marketing campaigns that complement each other.

Successful businesses in 2015 will offer printed brochures as well as website pages and social media pages to reach out to customers of all ages and backgrounds. A technology evolves, there will be more ways to contact customers to gather and provide important information and services. The businesses that will remain relevant are the ones making the most of all marketing mediums.