Proloy Bagchi

Retired Indian civil servant who has taken to writing on topical and environmental matters. Residing in Bhopal, the place notorious for the worst industrial disaster of 1984, which is a town of enormous charms with its academic, cultural and sporting pursuits. Besides, it is one of the scenic cities of the country which the local government and the municipality trying their best to destroy

From Qazigund it took around 2 hours to be in Srinagar. In doing so we travelled through some idyllic country in the Valley. The green fields were bathed in brilliant morning sunshine with distant blue hills in the background made the whole Valley very seductive. No wonder Kashmir became for many years the favourite location…

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In the summer of 1957 my father suddenly decided to take a trip to Kashmir. My (late) second brother was posted there and, more importantly, he had s spacious house. My mother was very excited and naturally so. She had not stirred out of Gwalior since father relocated there in 1935. For all of 22…

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