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Posts published by “Jenny Peek”

Why Are Greeks Protesting Canadian Mining Operations? Human Rights Abuses May be to Blame

Protestors gathered in Athens early this week to speak out against a gold mining operation in Greece’s Chalkidiki Peninsula. Fearful that the mine will cause irreversible damage to the environment, locals are hopeful that the development of the open-pit mine and processing plant can be stopped.

The Drive to Win: Both Coaches and Players Guilty of Overlooking the Threat of Concussions

By the time Clare Englebert turned 21 years old, she had already been diagnosed with five concussions. Facing the threat of long-term damages and a doctor’s warning that she may never be able to play sports again, Englebert returned to the field against medical advice, unwilling…

Mapping Project Aims to Restore The Great Lakes, Cut Restoration Costs

Nestled between the Canadian-United States border rests the largest surface freshwater system in the world. The Great Lakes hold nearly 20 percent of the Earth’s surface freshwater. Yet with increasing degradation, this highly important water source continues to battle an influx of invasive species, contamination from…

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