Do you think that artifacts from Titanic should have stayed with the sunken liner?  On the one hand, some people believe that salvaging these precious items serves as an educational experience as they are placed in museums.  On the other hand, Titanic is also a grave site, deep in the ocean, where 1,503 passengers perished.  Since Titanic holds the remains of 1,503 souls, I believe that removing the objects that belonged to passengers, is a form of desecration.

Now Premier Exhibitions, Inc., the company which dedicates itself to salvaging treasures from Titanic, has declared bankruptcy.  In October, they are planning to sell more than 5,500 artifacts in an auction.  The estimated value of Titanic relics is valued at more than $200 million.  The buyer must bid on the entire collection.  According to the court order, the items cannot be sold separately.

In addition to acquiring all Titanic artifacts, the purchaser will also have the right to get more treasures from the wreckage site.  The buyer will also have the radio footage and imagery of the Titanic shipwreck.

A blue sapphire ring and a bronze cherub are two of the many treasures that will be auctioned.  The blue sapphire ring is encircled with 14 sparkling diamonds.  The bronze cherub, a work of art, is familiar to many of us.  In Cameron’s film, Titanic, the bronze cherub was pictured decorating the grand staircase in the first-class passenger section.

Ironically, there is an urban legend related to Titanic that states that the mummy of Princess Amen-Ra was on the liner and cursed Titanic making her sink.  According to reports, this is just a myth.  There was no mummy on Titanic.  The mummy of Princess Amen-Ra is housed in a London facility.  What is true is that the tombs of pharaohs and prominent Egyptians were desecrated just like the relics from the Titanic.   Lord Carnarvon faced an untimely death after discovering King Tut’s tomb with Howard Carter.    Now Premier Exhibitions, Inc., a company that takes and preserves relics from Titanic, is cursed with bankruptcy.

Hopefully, the buyer of the 5,000 treasures from Titanic will pay homage to the 1,503 souls who perished on the liner.  The new owner should hold exhibitions that include the precious Titanic relics, and use these treasures to educate the public.  The funds that are acquired from these exhibitions should be used to benefit the descendants of the Titanic disaster.  Making a personal profit from these Titanic relics would not honor the memory of the brave men and women who died on Titanic.