Appreciating seniors is certainly worthwhile since they have made and continue to make so many valuable contributions to society. In the university of life, seniors have earned a doctorate’s degree since they have priceless experience that they can pass on to others. Since seniors are the professors of life, they deserve to have National Senior Citizens Day, which will take plce on August 21st.

This year will mark the 32nd annual anniversary of National Senior Citizens Day. On August 19, 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5847 declaring August 21st as National Senior Citizens Day.

Appreciating seniors in my life is a part of my daily routine. I do cherish all of my firends, but my senior friends are the most valuable. They know me very well and always tell me my stengths as well as my weaknesses. It is almost like they have a magical crystal ball that enables them to see my life. My senior friends know my thoughts, my dreams, my failures and even my regrets. The magical qualities that they have comes from their lifetime of experience. The advice that my senior friends give me is very beneficial.

When I chat with my senior frends, I am reminded of my favorite poem by Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken.” My senior pals have taken many roads in life having their good moments as well as hardships. They always advise me to follow my dreams at all costs. That may very well be the road with the most obstacles but the one that I will never regret crossing.

In a society that values youth so much, appreciating seniors is certainly refreshing. I often see seniors as the most beautiful people of all, for they value inner beauty much more than the rest of us. From a lifetime of experience, they have learned that inner beauty is real beauty.

I am always appreciating seniors for teaching me to believe in the quote: “Age is just a number.” There are some young people who are old in spirit and always bitter. Jealousy and anger, among many other negative feelings, can make us old before our time, especially on the inside.

I am always appreciating seniors for all the lessons that I have learned and continue to learn from them. One of their most important lessons is that it is never too late to live.