Applauding is something we usually do after a show, game, concert or many other types of performances. Clapping shows our supprt as fans. Applauding is usually reserved for our favorite celebrities, but now the world is applauding healthcare workers who are fighting hard treating patients with the coronavirus.

Most doctors and nurses will never walk the red carpet not will they experience the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Instead of wearing desinger outfits, they wear uniforms, scrubs and masks. They are now working countless hours to save patients who have the coronavirus.

Applauding healthcare workers is the right thing to do because they are real heroes. Sadly some have even lost their lives saving others. Already hundreds of doctors and nurses worldwide have died from complications due to the coronavirus. China, where the COVID-19 virus began, has lost 13 medical professionals.

Italy is the nation where the most doctors and nurses have lst their lives due to the COVID-19 virus. Sixty six Italian healthcare workers, including doctors and nurses, have died as a result of the coronavirus.

Italians certainly showed that they were grateful for all the live saving work that doctors do. In a video, that it is still making rounds on social media, Italians stand on their balconies and applaud all doctors. Those Italian doctors, who died heroically, were not forgotten. Italian doctors who continue to treat patients,with the COVID-19 virus, also recceved applause as well.

Across the world, applauding doctors is now quite common. It is certainly wonderful that medical professionals are receiving worlwide moral support since they need it now more than ever.

All of our lives most of us have applauded celebrities, politcians and many other famous people. Doctors and nurses were always more heroic, but it took a tragedy like this to realize their true worth.