When a huge iceberg separated from an Antarctic shelf this week, even some skeptics cannot deny that global warming exists. According to studies, many Pacific Island nations will be submerged by the year 2050.  Parts of the US coastline and strips of New York City will also disappear.  Despite this portrait of doom, American C40 cities will  fight climate change.

Even though President Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Agreement, there are leaders who will follow this accord.  American C40 cities are committed to protect our planet.

American C40 cities are Austin, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC.  Included in this list, is also the most famous city, New York.

Frank Sinatra described New York as the city that never sleeps.   New York lives up to that image.  It is a metropolis with traffic and business activity 24 hours a day.  However,  Mayor De Blasio and Governor Cuomo will revamp New York’s image.  Their goal is for New Yorkers to use less fossil fuels and more renewable energy sources.

Governor Cuomo will spend more than $1 billion to develop renewable energy sources. There are buildings already powered by solar energy in New York.  The Brooklyn Navy Yard runs on solar energy.  Cuomo will invest $1.5 million in wind and solar energy.  He will put solar installations at schools and buildings.  These measures will reduce emissions.

By  protecting the environment, Cuomo will strengthen  New York’s economy.  He will create 40,000 clean energy jobs by 2020 under the Clean Climate Careers Initiative.

Like Governor Cuomo, Mayor Bill De Blasio will follow the Paris Agreement.  He will support the One NYC initiative.  Following Bloomberg’s legacy, he will reduce emissions 80 percent by 2050.  He will decrease garbage in landfills 90 percent by 2030.

According to studies, New Yorkers are environmentally responsible.  New York ranks 51 per-capita in energy usage.  New Yorkers use half of the energy of the average American household.  Since 54 percent of New Yorkers do not own a car, they reduce emissions.

Even with the Paris Agreement, global warming is irreversible.  We can see the effects of climate change.  Due to the earth’s rising temperature, weather patterns are more erratic and severe.  Storms, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, are becoming more monstrous.  In fact, 2016 was the sultriest year on record for our planet.

Global warming is lowering our quality of life.  Increased smog is unhealthy for us. Smog can trigger asthma attacks.  More people will die due to heat waves.  Due to extreme heat, there will be more power outages.  There will also be delays in our commute.

Because of climate change, many animals can become endangered.  Others can even become extinct.  Due to global warming, the polar bear is losing its habitat.  In 2008, the polar bear made history. It became the first species to become endangered due to climate change.

Global warming is damaging corals.  Corals are beautiful elements of our oceans.  As the earth’s temperature rises, the seas are becoming warmer.  Due to the heat, coral reefs are losing their rich colors and many are disappearing.

Even though  global warming is irreversible, we can combat climate change.   More American cities  should join the bandwagon of the C40 cities.  Ignoring the environmental problems that already exist will make them far worse in the future.