Making crafts is a fun and relaxing activity pastime.  The eyes that you put on your handmade creations will make them stand out.  Sometimes you can make the eyes from the materials that you are using.  At other times, you can add wiggly eyes, especially when you are making crafts that come from your imagination.  Wiggly eyes make your crafts of animals and figures livelier.

By purchasing an assorted pack of wiggly eyes on eBay, you can save time and money.  This pack , priced at just $ 0.99, with $3.75 for shipping, comes in various colors and in different sizes that will be perfect for your creations.  I made a white elephant using chenille stems and added blue wiggly eyes.  Those wiggly eyes made my elephant picturesque.

Inspired by watching programs of elephants marching in India, I decided to make my elephant colorful and decorate it using red chenille stems.  The wiggly eyes gave it that magic touch that I was looking for.

All of my life, I have been fascinated with elephants.  I believe that they should roam freely or live in zoos.  Because they suffer animal abuse from their trainers, I think that they should not be in circuses.  There are many online petitions to keep elephants out of circuses.  Another threat that faces elephants is that they are killed for their ivory.  There are also many online petitions to stop the senseless massacre of elephants for their tusks.

Elephants, the largest land animals on our planet, should be salvaged because they are intelligent and enchanting creatures that help mankind.  Since they are so strong, they are excellent riding and working animals.  Elephants have remarkable memories.  As for their trunks, they are versatile and amazing features of these animals.  They use their trunks for tearing branches from trees, lifting hefty objects and for smelling.  Of all the mammals, elephants are the ones that live the longest.  They have an average lifespan of 60 to 70 years.

Not only was creating my elephant figure an enjoyable experience, I also hope that it creates draws attention to the conservation of elephants.  After they see the sweet face of my white elephant, with its blue wiggly eyes, I hope that elephants will no longer be harmed.