Ad Astra is the perfect film for all who are interested in the mysteries of the universe.  Throughout the movie, you will see breathtaking sites of Earth, Saturn, Mars, Neptune and the moon as well as other celestial bodies.  The music of the film, created by Max Richter, intensifies all the scenes of this film adding to the drama of the story and enabling the audience to enjoy an unforgettable journey.  Viewing Ad Astra on the big screen is truly a wonder, but watching the film in IMAX makes it more magical enhancing all its special effects.

In addition to showing us the wonders of our galaxy, Ad Astra is also a science fiction drama depicting doomsday for Earth when catastrophic power surges have already killed thousands of people worldwide.  Only top astronaut, Roy McBride, a role played by Brad Pitt, can save our planet.  In fact, McBride is one of the lucky ones since he survived a fall caused by a power surge.  Intelligence reveals that the mysterious power surges are traced to the Lima Project.  H. Clifford McBride, Roy’s father, caused the power surges, through his experiments, during the Lima Project.  Now there is an unstoppable chain reaction threatening the Solar System and Earth itself.  The fate of the world now rests in Roy’s hands.  Roy undertakes a journey to Mars to locate his dad, who is still presumed to be alive near Neptune, so that the experiment that threatens humanity can end. 

As McBride searches for his dad, he tells us about his relationship with his father.  He says that his father inspired him to become an astronaut, and he describes all of his dad’s accomplishments as a brilliant man and astronaut.  Not only does Roy take an outer space journey, he also takes an emotional journey as he tries to reconnect with his dad.  He also reflects on the relationship with his estranged wife Eva, a role played by Liv Tyler.  As he searches for his dad, Roy begins to unravel the secrets of the highly classified Lima Project little by little.

One of the most dramatic and emotional scenes in the film is when Roy finally locates his dad.  H. Clifford McBride, a role played by Tommy Lee Jones, tells his son Roy that he wants to stay.  Since he loves his dad so much, Roy fights to get his dad back in the spaceship, but his dad ultimately decides to stay in outer space eventually perishing.  Both Pitt and Jones gave wonderful performances depicting the relationship between father and son as well as the power of love that ultimately overcomes any rift.

Ad Astra is a film that completely takes us on a journey of space exploration, a journey that most of us will never experience in our lifetime.  This film sweeps us away into the wonders of the universe and helps relax as we take an unforgettable adventure.  It is also an emotional family film that delves deep into human emotions and relationships, which is unusual for most science fiction films.  Through space exploration and the magic of the cosmos, Roy McBride eventually heals.