Absecon Beacon outshines all other structures of it’s famous beach and boardwalk. The casinos bring in plenty of tourism, but Atlantic City’s beacon has an allure and romanticism that is unmatched. Lighthouses are breathtaking sites that help define the nautical ambiance of the beaches. If you have ever seen a beacon, it is a site that most of us will never forget. It’s beauty stays with you, and you are still able to see it clearly when you close your eyes. The peaceful image of a beacon helps us relax from the hustle-bustle of daily life.

Absecon Beacon is Atlantic City’s popular lighthouse. Measuring 171 feet, it is the tallest lighthouse in New Jersey. It also has the distinction of being the third-tallest masonry lighthouse in the U.S. Among many other distinctions, Absecon Lighthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places lightouse in the U.S. Absecon was constructed in 1854, and it was first lit on January 15, 1857. After serving as a public aid to navigation for 76 years, Absecon Lighthouse was deactivated in 1933. However, her lovely white fixed light still shines every night.

Today Absecon Beacon is a tourist attraction and a museum that educates the public about Absecon’s rich history. Among many other distinctions, Absecon Lightous is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. One of the many remarkable features about Absecon Lighthous is that it still has it’s original Fresnel lens. Those who want to see the best view, from Absecon Beacon, must climb the 228 steps to get to the top. That is quite a workout!

On National Beach Day, some of us will reminiscence about our times at the beach. Surely, most of us find something special about the shore. In addition to shops at the boardwalk and entertainment, there are also historic wonders on our coasts. What I find most fascinating about the beaches are the lighthouses. Absecon Beacon, Atlantic City’s Lighthouse, has historical value surrounded by the beauty of the ocean.