In addition to wearing a mask, I also wear a protective shield that provides even more protection from COVID-19. A shield is an even more effective measure against the coronavirus than simply just wearing a mask. According to studies, a protective shield provided 96 percent protection against a cough that was expelled less than 18 inches away.

I bought my protective shield from for just $9.99 with free shipping included. It is very comfortable to wear and covers my entire face, and it is also very easy to clean. After I use my face shield, I use a wet wipe to clean it, so it stays germ free.

Even before COVID-19, there were several professionals that used protective shields. Face shields, which are also called personal protective equipment (PPE), are used to protect workers from hazards such as flying objects, chemical splashes and infectitious materials – – just to name a few examples.

Medical professionals use shields to avoid coming into contact with blood or infectitious fluids. Police use shields for protection against punches or thrown objects. Ballistic face shields add even stronger protection for law enforcement. Construction workers also use face shields as they do tough work on construction sites. Other specialized workers, such as welders, also use face shields.

According to recent studies, a face shield can actually replace a mask to prevent COVID. However, I am not ready to substitute my mask in lieu of a protective shield. I rather use both the cloth mask and the protective shield for even more protection against COVID-19.