A green bear is one of the cutest decorations symbolic of St. Patrick’s Day. Viewing all those little green figurines, at select gift shops, inspired me to create a green bear from green craft stem and green tinsel chenille stems. I used green craft stems to give my bear a furry look just like real teddy bear. Add the green chenille stems made my green bear even more lively. The googly eyes gave my green bear an adorable facial expression.

For this project, you will need glue, green fuzzy craft stems, green tinsel chenille stems and googly eyes. You can purchase a pack of green tinsel stems on eBay for only $7.23 . A pack of googly eyes will cost you just $2.23 on eBay. Remember that all your craft materials that are left over can be used to make more green bears or for other projects.

The first step is to take a piece of the green craft stem and mold it into circles. The smaller circle is for the head and the bigger circle is for the body. After you create the body and the head of the green bear, you cut will cut two pieces of green craft stems to make the ears. Attach the ears carefully to the head of the bear.

Now you are ready to decorate the bear. Use green tinsel chenille stems to create a small shamrock. Make three shapes into a hearts, an connect them to form a six leaf clover. Fill in the clover and attach it to the bear’s neck. After you create the shamrock, then you will make a small circle for the nose of the bear, with the green chenille stems, and fill it in.

The final step is to glue the nose and goggly eyes to the bear’s face. Now you have a charming green bear to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

While you work on your craft, you can brush up on some St. Patrick’s Day trivia. Do you know why the Irish wear green on St. Patrick’s Day? According to the legend, they wear green so that a leprechaun or fairy will not pinch them.https://www.thedailymeal.com/holidays/why-green-st-patricks-day?amp

Others believe that wearing green simply brings good luck to the Irish and nonIrish alike. Green is also a color that is symbolic of Ireland. Since it rains so much on the Emerald Isle, it is one of the greenest places on Earth. The Irish flag contains the color green. Green is also a beautiful color to celebrate the first day of spring.

Since March is National Craft Month https://nationaltoday.com/national-crafting-month/amp/, celebrate all that is Irish by making wonderful crafts to ring in the spirit of Mother Nature. You will certainly enjoy creating the green bear, for it is a bear that is easy for children to make as well.