I will be wearing a Fisherman’s hat this summer, even though my preference is the traditional stylish straw hat. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am changing my hat to protect against the coronavirus. This hat has a protective shield, which protects us from coughs and sneezes that can transmitt COVID-19.

In addition to protecting us from the coronavirus, the shield also gives us protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. It offers such strong uv protection that you do not need to wear sunglasses when you wear this hat.

During the summer, there are often harmful bugs and mosquitos that can even bite your face. The shield on this hat will keep those pests off your face. You will be able to really enjoy the great outdoors without the bugs bothering you.

The Fisherman’s hat is also very easy to clean. You can easily remove the shield and clean it with a wet wipe. You should clean the shield daily to keep it germ free.

First introduced in Ireland during the 1900’s, the Fisherman’s_hat was worn by Irish farmers and fishermen for protection from the sun and rain. Today fisherman worldwide still use the Fisherman’s hat and many others who engage in outdoor sports or other outdoor activities. Among many other names, this hat is also referred to as the bucket hat. Gilligan was one of the most populat television characters that wore a Fisherman’s hat.

Inspired by the original, the newest Fisherman’s hat has a shield an still makes a fashion statement. At just $25.00 at Amazon.com, it is a great buy and includes free shipping as well as a fast delivery. This hat willl not only protect you from harmful uv rays but also keep you safe from COVID-19. When you wear this hat, you can enjoy your summer days and still be carefree.