Wearing a mask in many states is now the law. Without a mask you are not allowed to enter into any business. I wear a cloth mask because you can reuse it, and you save plenty of money. I keep my cloth mask clean using a wipe. I wear a simple black face mask that I bought on eBay for just $8.95 http://www.ebay with free shipping included. The color black certainly blends well with all of my outfits and is also comfortable.

Some people think that wearing a mask is a burden, but the measure was implemented by the government in order to protect people from becoming infected with COVID-19. Despite all the alarming stories about the lethal effects of the coronavirus, some people have the virus and have no symptoms at all. These individuals, who are asymptomatic, can still transmitt the virus to others. The only way you know that you have contracted the virus is through testing. If you do not wear a mask, you are not only putting yourself at risk of getting the disease but others as well.

I always wear my cloth mask every time I go outside in order to stay as safe as possible. Even if you wear a mask, you still have to take further measures to prevent the coronavirus such as social distancing and frequently washing your hands. You should wash your hands after you do grocery shopping and other errands. It is also a good idea to wear gloves and use hand sanitizer.

On eBay and Amazon, there are many varieties of masks to choose from. They all come in many different colors, and there are even masks especially designed for children. The fashion statement that you make is entirely up to you but what is most importnt is to wear a mask to stay safe.