President Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement has caused dissension.  According to a Washington Post survey conducted in January, 56 percent of Americans wanted the US to stay in the Paris deal.  Only 31 percent wanted the US to leave the accord.  Trump’s choice to leave the Paris Agreement has resulted in backlash worldwide.  Many leaders criticized Trump’s decision including Elon Musk.  He resigned as Trump’s tech advisor.  As a conscientious businessman, he will no longer work on the presidential council.  He wrote the following message on Twitter:  Am departing presidential councils.  Climate change is real.  Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world.

During  Trump’s presidency, he joined Trump’s Manufacturing Jobs Initiative.  He was excited about creating jobs for Americans.  As a founder of Space X and Tesla,  and other companies, he was a qualified candidate.   However, he was always a conscientious businessman about protecting the environment.  When Trump backed out of the Paris accord, Musk realized he could not work with the president.  Since fossil fuels accelerate global warming, Musk wanted to create jobs where clean energy is used.

More than a businessman, he is an environmentalist who creates environmental products.  As a father of five, he wants his children to inherit a better world.  He dreams of a world where there is clean air.  This may  be idealistic, but it can become a reality.  Through his inventions, Musk is changing the world.

Elon Musk helps the environment by creating electric cars such as the Model S. [Featured image by Unimog404/Wikimedia Commons]

Elon Musk helps the environment by creating electric cars such as the Model S. [Featured image by Unimog404/Wikimedia Commons]

Through his company, Tesla Motors,  Musk is creating electric cars.  In 2008, Tesla Motors presented, Roadster, a sports car powered by a lithium ion battery.  This business also created Model S, the company’s first electric Sedan.  Motor Trend named Model S the 2013 Car of the Year.  Due to its innovation,  Tesla Motors gained a high reputation.  In April 2017, Tesla outperformed General Motors.

When Musk purchased Solarity Corp, he became more committed to the environment.   By merging Solarity Corp and Tesla Motors, he creates products that use clean energy more efficiently.  Since the company creates solar panels and powerwalls, they are helping consumers save money on their energy bills.  Consumers also help the environment when they purchase these products.

As an environmentalist, Musk started his own foundation committed to space exploration.  Musk’s  mission is to save our planet.  The Musk Foundation finds renewable and clean energy to improve our quality of life.

As an engineer, inventor, explorer and businessman, Musk will continue to develop electric cars, transportation systems and other innovations that run with clean energy.  As less fossil fuels are used, clean energy will power the world.